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Welding consulting and services
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Welding consulting and services
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according to: ISO 9606-1 až 6; ISO 14 732; EN 17 660; ISO 13 585
Performing a welders’ test ...
Examiner Michal Vaněk, appointed by CWS ANB, performs new and periodic tests of:
* welders (according to ISO 9606-1 to 6), and other
* operators (according to ISO 14732)
* solderers (according to ISO 13 585)
The tests take place directly at the manufacturer's workplace if the specified conditions are met.
The exam consists of a theoretical part (test) and a practical part (welding).

The course for the welders’ test
Welding a test specimen:
After meeting the above requirements, it is possible to proceed to the welders’ test.
The welder welds the samples in front of the examiner and undergoes a theory test (test).

Test evaluation:
The examiner will perform a VT inspection of the samples and mechanical tests (breakage/bending).
If a test according to PED 2014/68/EU is required, the commissioner will take samples to RT/UT.

Welder’s certificate:
Based on the test results, the examiner will submit the documents to the testing body (CS Loyd), which will have a Welder's Certificate issued by CWS ANB.

We also train welders according to ČSN 050705 and issue "Authorizations"

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