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Welding consulting and services
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BOOKEEPPING for clients
For those interested in accounting services, we offer double-entry bookkeeping, tax records, payroll, personnel and processing of tax returns. The accounting is kept by an employee with certificates accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports-7934 / 2015-1 / 280, with the help of the POHODA PREMIUM accounting software.
Double entry bookkeeping
* Profit and loss accounts
* Registration of economic operations
* Stocks
* Closing of accounts and the result of economic operations
* Assets
* Payroll
* Exchange differences
* Accruals

Tax records - simple accounting
* Tax and non-taxable incomes and expenses
* Income tax for natural persons
* Value added tax, record keeping
* Money diary
* Flat rate expenditure
* Accounting procedures

Payroll processing
* complete processing of salaries and personnel agenda
* monthly calculation of wages, insurance premiums and income tax advances
* payroll management
* keeping records of employees
* monthly payroll for employees
* compilation and processing of reports on ZP and OSSZ
* issue of payment orders
* record sheets
* documents for the entry and exit of employees
* annual settlement of advances on income tax from dependent activity
* other activities directly related to payroll and personnel management

Human resources focused on the Labour Code
* Employment (creation of employment, termination of employment)
* Work performance agreement, work activity agreement
* Working hours (length of working hours, records of working hours, breaks)
* Holidays (types of holidays, taking holidays, shortening holidays)
* Barriers at work (on the employee's side, on the side of employer)
* Accidents at work and occupational diseases (reporting accidents at work, compensation for damage,)
* Labour office (obligations to the labour office)
* Average earnings (decisive period, calculation of average earnings, use of average earnings)
* Deductions from wages (calculation of deductions)
* Tax office (obligations to the tax office, acquaintance with the form)
* Tax on dependent activity (income from dependent activity, income from dependent activity, which is not subject to tax, tax rebates, tax benefits, advance payment of income tax, withholding tax, annual settlement of advances on personal income tax from dependent activity and functional benefits and tax benefits)
* Health insurance (choice and change of health insurance company, premium payers, assessment basis, calculation and payment of premiums, documents required by the health insurance company)
* Social insurance (social security premiums, calculation and payment of premiums, sickness insurance benefits)
* Pension insurance (pension insurance record sheet).

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