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Patriot Welding Process
Our PATRIOT software can handle almost anything ...
Software for production control of steel structures according to EN 1090 and welding according to ISO 3834 - ISO 15085.

Harmonized European normative regulations in manufacturing companies had the effect of a big bang in a well-established welding system. They changed the entire production management system and caused a huge increase in the administration of companies engaged in the production of structures and welding. Companies engaged in production using the welding process must meet the requirements of ČSN EN 1090-1 to 3, ČSN EN ISO 3834 - 1 to 6, ČSN EN ISO 15085 and other related standards and regulations.
Sound presentation of Patriot Welding Process software

PATRIOT®Welding process
is an innovation in the field of OK production and welding. The main objective of the software is to save you time and money. The tasks that must now be performed by the designer, production preparation, production and welding supervisor will be largely performed and controlled by the software. The SW will ensure all the agenda associated with the welding process and the production of steel structures - from preparation, through production, inspection and testing, to archiving. It manages all order records in electronic form and can print all documents.

Project awards
In October 2014, the company acquired dataPARTNER with the PATRIOT Welding Process application- 1. Place in the Business Project of the Year 2013 competition in the ICT and Strategic Services category. This prestigious competition is regularly announced by the CzechInvest agency and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Details of this award are in the article: PATRIOT-Business project of the year 2013.

A short report about the project was made for regional TV:
For more information, you can contact us, an authorized distributor, or you can download a presentation with a spoken description and instructions for using the software.
We will be happy to show you the SW presentation at your company.

PATRIOT® is focused on the OK production control system according to EN 1090 and welding according to ISO 3834 and ISO 15085. Additional modules can cooperate with already established SW in companies (e.g. production management, monitoring of material consumption and stock, etc.). It can automatically search for welders, WPS, WPQR and additional NDT weld inspections. It contains many sample forms usable for orders, which it can complete, print and archive.

Forms for automatic filling and printing:
* initial type-examination, production schedule, quality plan, inspection and test plan,
* lists: welders, WPS and WPQR,
* certificates of the manufacturer, welders, welding supervisor, VT inspector,
* automatically generated "CE" Declaration and "Declaration of Performance".

The software manages and controls:
* company information: name, address, ID number, contact information and extracts of company documents.
* information on the manufacturer's qualification: certificate numbers, date of issue and validity.
* data on Certification and Inspection Organizations:
* the selected data is automatically displayed in the printed records.

Automatic software functions:
There can be thousands of welds on structures. Each must be identified in the drawing and welded in accordance with ISO 3834. Weld data includes weld number and type, method, material, thickness, position… After entering the weld data, the software automatically designs a suitable WPS and welder. In EN 1090-2, the scope of weld inspections is prescribed in Article 12.4. The SW finds and suggests additional NDT checks in %. Finally, you can print a guide that contains information about the weld and its specifications (type, method, thickness, position…), WPS, welders, visual inspection, additional NDT in %.

Advantages of using the PATRIOT®Welding software Process:
* Completeness of documentation that the manufacturer must submit the customer with the product (protocols, attestations, certificates, etc.).
* Automation and complete traceability of the production and welding control system.
* Clarity and completeness of documentation during production, inspections and audits.
* Environmental friendliness. Records are archived in electronic form.

Contact for software implementation
Věra Svobodová email:

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