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Visual inspection

Training of NDT - VT employees according to ISO 17637
The worker performing the inspection and testing of welded (soldered) joints must have specific knowledge regarding defects in welded (soldered) joints and their evaluation. One option for training workers in the non-destructive testing of welded (soldered) joints is training by an independent organization. Our company performs training and testing of workers in the visual inspection of welds in production. This is training and testing according to standards that do not address the certification of personnel, but in general NDT testing and therefore not containing a certification scheme. After completing the theoretical and practical exam, the trained worker will obtain a Certificate of Weld Controller, Level - I, according to EN ISO 17637. The validity period of the certificate is five years. The validity of the certificate is extended by a practical test and a test for another five years.

I. ČSN EN ISO 17637 in Chapter 3 "Personnel qualifications"
requires as follows: "Visual inspection of welds and evaluation of results for final acceptance must be carried out by qualified and competent personnel." It is therefore clear that even for ISO 3834-2 and ISO 3834-3, a visual inspection must be performed by qualified and qualified personnel.

II.    ČSN EN ISO 3834-2,3,4 "Quality requirements for welding"
Define the following requirements in Article 8.2: Non-destructive testing personnel must be qualified. It is not necessary to require a qualification test for visual inspection. If a qualification test is not required, the competence of the VT inspector may be verified by the manufacturer or by training of staff by an independent organization.

III.    ČSN EN 1090-2 and 3 "Execution of steel and Al structures"
Chapter 7 "Welding" refers to ISO 3834-2 by ordering compliance with the requirements of ISO 3834 according to the relevant design class of the steel structure, as follows:

For the execution of steel and aluminium structures, the inspection staff for NDT must be qualified according to ISO 9712 level 2, with the exception of visual inspection.
Visual inspection requires:
* qualified and qualified personnel (see part I.) - design class EXC2 to EXC4
* personnel certified by the manufacturer (see part II.) - design class EXC1

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