Welder examinations: ISO 9606  *  NDT: VT-PT-MT-UT  *  VT inspection training  *  WPQR welding qualification  * Certification by: EN 1090 and ISO 3834  *  Welding supervision  *  PATRIOT WP software  *  Bookkeeping
Welding consulting and services
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Welding consulting and services
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ABOUT US - Vaněk Welding
History of the company

1st stage The beginning of professional advice and specific services in the field of welding dates back to 2008, when the company's founder, Mr Karel Vaněk, started working for Škoda Welding in Pilsen as a welding inspector, quality systems auditor and test commissioner. Simultaneously with his work at Škoda Welding Plzeň, he started his business as a self-employed person under the name KV Welding.

2nd stage In June 2012, the legal entity VANĚK WELDING s.r.o. became a cooperating member of CWS ANB. Also in 2012, the administrative employee Mrs Olga Vaňková and the NDT inspector Mr Michal Vaněk joined the company.

3rd stage: In 2014, Mr Michal Vaněk completed the course and obtained the International Welding Technologist DIPLOMA. He thus became another fully-fledged employee of the company.

4th stage: In 2019, the company Vaněk Welding s.r.o. was named the most economically successful company of the year and a new employee, Mrs Michaela Vaňková, joined the company as an assistant to the managing director.

5th stage At the end of 2019, Mr Karel Vaněk left the company and Mr Michal Vaněk took over the management.


We are a small company with three employees and three external collaborators. However, we are one of the most important in the field of welding. Our customers are manufacturers of welded parts and structures from all over the Czech Republic, from Cheb to Třinec. Our services are also used by foreign companies from Austria, Germany and Russia ... Certificates and protocols from various inspections and tests issued by our company can be traced, in addition to most EU countries, in Australia, Japan, China, India, Chile, Africa, the Philippines ...

Our vision

VANĚK WELDING s.r.o. is a company providing a comprehensive range of welding services. It has sufficient resources, quality approved equipment and facilities and, last but not least, qualified and helpful staff.

One member of our team (including external staff) holds a European Welding Engineer/Technologist Diploma
and two members hold Certificates for performing inspections using various NDT methods.

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