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Execution of structures according to EN 1090-1 to 3
Implementation of "OK" in Europe and the Czech Republic - present
The certification (audit) of the manufacturer of "Steel Structures", performed by the "Notified Body" - OS, is mandatory based on the European Parliament Regulation below.


The Regulation lays down the harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products, taking into account the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, the proposal of the European Commission and the following reasons:

(1) The laws of the Member States require that construction works be designed and executed so as not to endanger the safety of persons, domestic animals or property and not to adversely affect the environment.

(2) These regulations have a direct impact on the requirements imposed on construction products and are subsequently reflected in national product standards, technical approvals and other technical specifications and provisions that apply to construction products.

EN 1090 is intended for the implementation of EU Regulation No. 305/2011
This standard applies to the execution of steel and aluminium building structures. The EN 1090 standard is divided into the following parts:
-EN 1090-1 Assessment and verification of the constancy of properties of structural elements
-EN 1090-2 Technical requirements for steel structures
-EN 1090-3 Technical requirements for aluminium structures
-EN 1090-4 Technical requirements for steel components for use in roofs, ceilings, floors, and walls
-EN 1090-5 Technical requirements for aluminium components for use in roofs, ceilings, floors, and walls

This standard completely changes previous practices in the field of metal construction. Design classes EXC1 - EXC4 have been introduced, which are determined by the designer when designing the structure in relation to the consequence class (CC1 to CC3), the associated risks associated with the design and use of structures (SC1 and SC2) and production categories (PC1 and PC2).

ČSN EN 1090-1 stipulates the basic requirements for the elaboration of a production management system, for conformity assessment procedures, supervision, marking of products to ensure an adequate level of mechanical load-bearing capacity and stability, usability and durability.

There are set requirements for the basic and additional materials used, fasteners, material division, for welding, which must be implemented in accordance with ISO 3834 -1 to 6, supervision of welding according to EN ISO 14731, qualification of the WPQR welding process and welding personnel, requirements for preparation and assembly of structures, production control systems, surface treatment requirements, geometrical tolerance, inspection and testing, requirements for the contractor's documentation or quality plan. The requirements must be processed in the production control system (FPC), which is subject to assessment and certification.

OK manufacturer qualification requirements
* Welding introduced according to EN ISO 3834-2 or 3,
* Use methods according to ISO 4063 for welding,
* Qualification of WPQR procedures according to ISO 15611, 15612-1 to 15614.
* Welders qualified according to ČSN EN ISO 9606-1 (2 for each method),
* Welding supervision according to ISO 14731, can also be external.
* Audit certification performed by a notified body.

Conformity assessment - placing products on the market
* the manufacturer issues a "Declaration of performance" (see ZA.2.3 of EN 1090-1)
* the manufacturer affixes the "CE" marking on the products (see ZA.3.1 of standard EN 1090-1)

Preparation of companies for certification
We can help you with the processing and implementation of welding documentation, preparation of all documents for the audit, with the completion of questionnaires, applications and requirements for the certification body. We will provide certification for you in cooperation with: LL-C (certification) Praha a.s., TÜV SÜD Czech, or your selected OS.


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